Friday, 30 March 2012

God save the Queen!

I'm having major LOL's at the moment, trawling the high street looking for the worst examples of Diamond Jubilee fashion. It's a little ahead of schedule, but I do believe the world has already gone mad. Next are in the lead at the moment with this little number:

Ghastly! The dress is pretty bad too! But quite hilarious. I'm almost close to being sucked in. Not that close, mind. After extending my research to t'interweb I've discovered that this years bout of royal-insanity has spread, unsurprisingly, further than just mere garments.

British founder of fashion giant Mulberry, Roger Saul, has just launched a new range of.......... wait for it.......... Diamond Jubilee Breakfast Cereal.

Just allow that to sink in for a moment.

Diamond Jubilee Breakfast Cereal. BREAKFAST CEREAL.

The mind boggles.

Slightly closer to planet Earth, The Berkley Hotel in London's Knightsbridge has just launched it's "Pret-a-Portea" Royal Collection. I have to admit that while this is totally and utterly pointless it is still rather impressive!

I'm particularly enjoying the little "homage" to Princess Beatrice, God love her! I may even consider forking out the rather reasonable £39 and popping over in my new union-jack maxi dress.

Maybe not.

Any who, stay tuned for more Diamond Jubilee related hilarity. My guess is that the best is yet to come!

UF x

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